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Resume & Interview Tips

How Can a Staffing Company Benefit Younger Workers?

A 10-year analysis released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in September, 2016, revealed that the median tenure of U.S. workers is just over four years. Millennials (ages 25-34) had the shortest median term at just 2.8 years; professionals 55-64 averaged 10.1 years.

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How to Include Staffing Jobs on Your Resume

A lot of people are unsure how to list temporary or contingent jobs on their resume. No wonder – you did all of your work at one business, maybe even at a cool company that would look good on your resume, but your paycheck came from a staffing company. So who do you list on your resume?

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6 Networking Tips for Introverts

Everyone knows how important it is to make connections with other professionals when you’re looking for a new job, especially at networking events. But what if you’re like me, a wallflower who shies away from small talk and interacting with strangers?

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Talk Like a Human

The resume is one of the first SEO-optimized documents. Long before search engines scanned online job applications for keywords, even before office supply stores had a section labeled "resume paper", people have been loading their resumes and cover letters with words copied straight from the job description in order to demonstrate they have the exact skills the employer is looking for. 

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You did everything right -- so what went wrong?

If you read jobseeker blogs and online comments, you're aware of the frequent disconnect between job seekers and hiring managers. It's surprisingly common to hear people talk about how perfect they are for a particular job, but they aren't given a chance to show it. 

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World's Simplest Job Interview Advice

I was an English major working at an automotive shop -- it was a job, not a calling, but it paid the bills. One day a customer dropped off her car and gave me her business card that read "Advertising and Public Relations." I told her that I had always I wanted to write advertising, but didn't know where to start. She said, "If you want to give it a try, start at my office."

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Managing the Gaps on Your Resume

Among the common questions I hear as a recruiter is, "Why do companies always want to know why a person has job gaps in their work history?" Knowing the answer is essential to creating a resume that gets you through to an interview.

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